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User Interface Design

Design is not just about pretty displays. Design can also be used as a powerful method to tackle vaguely defined real-world problems, i.e., for finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Students will learn the design process and its activities. They still apply it to find good and creative solutions to problems that can include things like electronic gadgets, business services, easy-to-fill-out forms, classroom layouts, and many more.
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Emerging Interfaces

We are reading recent articles from proceedings and journals about emerging interface technologies and approaches to UX design. In addition, the students are designing a novel user interface where they have to deal with many difficult issues rarely encountered in designing your basic bread-and-butter interfaces.
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Elements of Usability and User Experience

In this course, students will learn how people interact with different interfaces, how people think and reason about them, how they remember how to use them, how to use them to make decisions, and what makes people trust systems or have fun with them. We'll discuss the cognitive characteristics and connect them also to more practical side of usability studies.
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Intelligent User Interfaces

We focus on user interfaces as intelligent assistants that interpret ambiguous, incomplete and inconsistent multimodal user input and collaborate with the user. This requires to understand the possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence methods. The students will also design an intelligent interface in a semester-long group project.
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