Roland Hübscher

Advanced User Interface Design


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Course Summary

We are reading recent articles from proceedings and journals about emerging interface technologies and approaches to UX design. In addition, the students are designing a novel user interface where they have to deal with many difficult issues rarely encountered in designing your basic bread-and-butter interfaces.

Current Schedule of Seminar Discussions

Remember that this schedule is subject to change after each week. Typically, dates move further back, but don't just assume it.

Last updated on Nov. 1

Date Presenters (all bold ones need to be ready for next seminar session)
Nov. 7Second prototye
Nov. 14FlaviaCarolineDarcy
Nov. 21AthenaMalihehEmilea
Nov. 28Third prototype
Dec. 5ReedKristinaRajeev
Dec. 12VanessaSaraKaren
Dec. 19Final design