Roland Hübscher


Brief Biography

I grew up in the Schwiizertüütsch-speaking part of Switzerland. I did what most others did: I played soccer and did an apprenticeship. After the compulsory military service, I went back to college and graduated as one of the first students in computer science. I then moved to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, and after another six years, I graduated and got married within the same week. After spending several interesting years in the Deep South, I have been living with my wife and daughter in Massachusetts for over fifteen years.



It all started when, as an international student, missing the food I grew up with, I tried to copy my mother's cooking. I'm still working on it. And, of course: FIGUGEGL!


I joined a chess club mostly motivated by the Korchnoi vs. Karpov match and Korchnoi's subsequent defection to a town about 20 km from where I grew up. Nowadays, I'm still an average club player — without the club.


After a ten-year break, I'm back at it again and trying to beat my old records — without age grading. My not-so-recent-anymore best so far is a sub–1:42 half marathon.


Yes, I have become a dog person. After having been ambivalent to scared about dogs for most of my life, I am spending now much of my spare time with my German Shepherd Dog, born in April 2020.